The restaurant is known as a culinary business. A place that offers delicious, nutritious dishes. The restaurant wants to be crowded, not just delicious food is enough. Also the restaurant should have a good service and a well-designed restaurant. A restaurant space is beautiful, luxurious, unique and eye-catching. Will attract many customers, and show its own characteristics. But if the restaurant space is beautiful and eye-catching, it is necessary to have a unique and impressive restaurant interior design, suitable for the type of restaurant business.

However, it is not easy to be satisfied by a restaurant but not too expensive. Here, IDT introduces industrial and modern restaurant designs.


The restaurant is a place to process and serve customers delicious dishes, for economic profit purposes.

How to classify restaurants:

According to the scale of the restaurant: according to the classification according to the size, there are small restaurants, average restaurants, high-class restaurants …

According to culinary style: divided according to the same region and country such as: Central specialty restaurant, Thai restaurant, European restaurant ….

By the form of service: Wedding restaurant, buffet restaurant, fast food restaurant … ..

According to the theme of dishes: seafood restaurant, goat hotpot restaurant….

Classification of restaurants according to dependencies: restaurants in supermarkets, restaurants in shopping malls, restaurants in hotels….

In the form of ownership: private restaurants, joint stock restaurants, joint venture restaurants …


Design Close cabinets and tables.
Design Close ceiling plaster restaurant.
Restaurant design, restaurant renovation, restaurant refurbishment.
Design Renovate, repair restaurant, upgrade restaurant.
Design Expanding restaurant scale such as expanding, opening room, raising restaurant floor.
Design Get restaurant refurbishment, restaurant paint sweep, lime paint, putty paint, oil paint, PU painting, and other services.
Design We receive waterproofing of roofs, terraces, and fungus-related issues.
Design Construction of electricity and water items, v … v.
Design Construction of corrugated iron roofs, Construction of flower doors, aluminum and glass doors, iron doors, hydraulic doors.
Design Construction, decorate ceilings like plaster, plastic ceiling, wooden ceiling.
Restaurant Repairing Design, Repairing Restaurant


With many years in the profession of Restaurant Interior Design, Repair. IDT is proud to be one of the leading companies in the field of restaurant construction and repair in Ho Chi Minh City. We provide customers with 1 quality service. Not only in terms of quality, we also offer an affordable price.