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You are planning to make office furniture, we have IDT Decor specializing in designing modern office furniture, building full-service office at competitive prices to catch up with the latest current trend. Office interior design plays a large role in the face and brand of the company, so designing a beautiful, modern, professional office space is a stepping stone to help your business succeed in all fields .. This article we will provide you with golden benefits when choosing IDT interior design unit.

Office Interior design projects


The benefits of office design bring to the business are extremely important, for a start-up, the orientation and determination of the impact may not be fixed or there may be confusion in the design investment. The question is whether or not you should invest in a professional workspace design? What design items does a professional office space include? Does the design cost cost a lot of money?

It’s simple if you learn through the package office interior design services through this article !

  • Professional office design helps improve employee productivity, create a dynamic and friendly working environment, attract talent to the company, impress partners and customers. Investing should be clear.
  • The working environment will directly affect emotions, enthusiasm, creative ideas and enthusiasm when working. In addition, if the company office design is beautiful, it will create interaction between employees, colleagues, and create a comfortable working space and environment.
  • Most of the time working and operating at the company office takes up a lot of time in a day, it can be said “The office is the second house”, so why can’t we decorate the office space to become impressive, more professional.
  • When partners and customers visit a professionally designed office, the departments are scientifically arranged, the impression on the company is not small and motivates to sign contracts, long-term strategy. and sustainable.

The company’s office is not only a place to work, but also to receive guests, or to display some typical products. So try to create excitement, or impressions when your customers visit?

Depending on the space, area, premises, services, products, industries, feng shui …, there are different office design styles. With unique ideas, a team of consultants, artists, architects will give the most reasonable, separate and suitable solution for the budget.
office interior design

Office interior design of MB Bank

Step 1: Receive information

– Receiving the needs, information provided by customers

– Preliminary consultation for customers

Step 2: Site survey, sign design consultancy contract

– Survey the current status of the project

– Conduct measurement and calculation of design items

– Design consulting contract

Step 3: Edit and finalize the 2D plan

Step 4: Design a complete 3D drawing

– Design 3D drawings for customers to visualize reality

– Take the client to approve the design

Step 5: Prepare a cost estimate

– Prepare detailed cost estimates for each construction design item

– Quotation for customer

Step 6: Hand over construction design documents

– Handing over design documents to customers with the following items:

  • Layout of work interior layout Floor plan
  • Floor plan
  • Ceiling plan, ceiling decoration
  • Deployment facades, designating colors, facade materials, wall decoration
  • Furniture drawings and structural details
  • Designation of materials and product use
  • 3D perspective interior important views of the building

With a professional, meticulous working process and solid professional knowledge, IDT hopes to help many customers to perfect their living space according to their preferences.

office interior design

Modern office interior design


Interior design of an office is a process from receiving information such as: (needs, ideas, design style, consideration of location, premises, detailed measurement, investment budget, selection of furniture furniture, …) to design drawings, 3D perspective, with the appropriate color, lighting, image, corporate branding. From there, give the site design, 2D, 3D, office construction detailed drawings in accordance with the needs of use, the number of employees, the number of departments and calculation of design and construction progress (if have).

The design process requires a closed process, by a professional team of consultants, surveyors and a reputable company with age, experience, implementation projects and long-term strategic partners.

Thiết kế nội thất văn phòng

Office interior design of MB Bank Nam Binh Duong

A prestigious office interior design company in Ho Chi Minh City?

IDT Decor with a team of architects, more than 18 years of experience in the field of interior design, has gone through hundreds of design projects with more than 18+ years of experience, 800+ projects, construction team interior installation with an interior factory of more than 2000m2.

The company’s staff from office to technical design, supervision, construction, and production always comply with working principles, along with enthusiasm, always learn, update models, new material space follows the modern trend .. so we are always trusted and selected by partners, companies, and investors to be a prestigious office design company in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.

Thiết kế nội thất văn phòng

Office interior design green land company

In addition to experience and professional working attitude, IDT DECOR is always creative in designing and creating high-end, professional office models, with unique color, layout and lighting, so each project has a distinct nuances.

Professionalism in the working process, branding, design criteria, leadership, vision and mission of each individual, IDT Decor team will perform in each design project.

IDT provides full-service office interior design and construction services.

The design of office furniture requires a skilled, experienced team with a professional workflow, adhering to the design table to perfect the most accurate office. IDT Decor owns a prestigious office construction team, with experience in operation and work, we have built up brand name, prestige and always supported by customers during the past time.

Construction of office furniture include what?

1. Reconstruct the existing premises: This is the first job in the construction of office furniture such as demolishing existing ceiling walls, building new walls, constructing floors, plaster ceilings, water painting, …

2. Construction of electricity and water system (M&E): Construction of water supply and drainage for WC pantry, civil construction, refrigeration, CCTV, fingerprint time attendance system, internet, telephone switchboard, …

3. Office furniture production: With a large office furniture factory equipped with modern machines, IDT produces and installs office furniture such as desks, filing cabinets, counters receptionist, …

4. Front signboard: Including facade facade, corporate logo lettering, sign lighting system.

5. Other decorative items: Curtains, flooring, floor coverings, decorative glass walls, wallpaper, …

office interior design

Modern office interior design

What is the design price of office construction package?

Office construction design price depends on current office status, requirements, area, location, office location and design needs, implementation style to quote the best construction design.

When quoting interior construction design, the company must understand the details of each item, from conceptualization, design style to finishing and handing over. Most especially is the choice of office furniture, this factor will change the budget costs in the design and construction of full-service office furniture.

riteria when choosing an office design at IDT Decor..

  • Having the age of 18+ experience, the office is located in Ho Chi Minh City. Competency profiles, professional staff, professional working process. Carrying out hundreds of projects large and small with many different industries. Various interior design and construction services, beautiful designs, high aesthetics. Package interior construction, design support policy, free design. Large furniture factory with modern machinery and scale.

What does the category of office design include?

The package office design includes many items from reception area, co-working space, director’s room, leadership, personnel, meeting room to entertainment area, rest …

Thiết kế nội thất văn phòng

Modern office furniture

Design director room.

This is the working area of the head of the company, the area where direct meetings or direct transactions with partners and customers take place. Therefore, the interior design of the director’s room needs to be as careful and meticulous as possible. Because this will be the most impressive image for customers and partners.

Furniture for the director’s office includes a large desk made from industrial or natural wood, designed in an authoritative style, elegant colors to show the style and authority of the person. leader. Accompanying is a large work chair with high backrest made of highly specialized leather material that can be adjusted to the sitting direction and height of your choice.

Thiết kế phòng giám đốc

Modern design style director room

Interior design of the staff office.

Today, the new icon design of the employee’s office requires synchronous, youthful, modern and dynamic expression. The model of the staff’s desk and chair is also believed to be compact and simple. In addition, the staff room area is for common spaces for easy employee circulation. The attached equipment is also used more like shelves, cabinets, plant pots …

Thiết kế nội thất văn phòng

Interior design of the staff office

Office design co-working area.

For newly established businesses or small businesses, the funding source is limited. It is right to believe in choosing the design and construction of a cheap office furniture package. They will be consulted on construction design style and believe in choosing the most reasonable method of furniture to reduce costs.

Staff office space design

Staff office space design

Interior design of meeting rooms.

Any business should dedicate a certain part of each area to this area. This is an important area that will believe in choosing the company’s direction to become modern. The interior design of the meeting room needs to create relaxation and dominate the leadership, all staff can conveniently observe the leader presenting comments in each meeting.

Meeting room designs

Meeting room designs

Design the front desk area.

Interior design of the office front desk requires high image and design. Because anyone entering and leaving the company, the business needs to go through this area. Therefore, it is necessary to design a thoughtful front desk to dominate the brand and promote the image of the business.

Design a luxurious reception area

Design a luxurious reception area


  1. Functional factors: This is the most important factor to note in 2D, 3D design drawings for offices, before embarking on the design, it is necessary to discuss this issue carefully with the Client.
  2. Aesthetic: the office is where people work every day, like the second home of each of us, so the design of the office interior space is vivid, comfortable, relaxing and Charity is very important, comfortable space, people will work more efficiently, improving labor productivity.
  3. Feasibility: At present, many artists design the office, when drawing up the drawings, regardless of the feasibility factor, the ability to deploy the drawings in reality, causing many difficulties for the construction unit, losing time. editing construction plans, losing the value of design drawings. Aware of that, our specialists are well trained, scrutinized the actual construction, have a project management team to support the design work to ensure the quality of drawings for customers.
  4. Construction budget: Each design drawing is different corresponding to different construction costs, so Hoang Minh will consult with customers in advance about the estimated construction budget to give the office construction design plan. fit.

5. Benefits of customers when coming to IDT interior design and construction services

Firstly: A team of professional architects and engineers

Second: Big vision, quick to update new interior design trends

Third: Workshop for producing modern furniture, imported from Europe, with high technology.

Fourth: Commitment to construction schedule, quality assurance.

Fifth: Long-term warranty, permanent maintenance

IDT furniture factory

IDT furniture factory

6. 5 committed benefits are only available at IDT when you choose our interior design services

  1. IDT Free consultation, survey, for customers when choosing interior design services
  2. Free design when customers choose IDT’s package design services
  3. Ensuring fast construction progress, from design to construction and installation only takes 15-30 days (*).
  4. Ensure the construction of the right materials, the right design, and the investment budget of the customer.
  5. Prices for design and construction services are committed to be cheaper than the market due to direct production and processing.

When you have difficulty in planning your own interior design, as well as cost estimate for materials and labor, please call 028. 38 8942638, our IDT guarantees customers:

+ Only 2-5 days have 3D plan design

+ It only takes 7-15 days for both production and installation (*).

+ Cost saving for quality products

+ Contract costs include consultancy, design and installation costs

+ Free shipping costs, customers do not have to pay any extra cost.

To ensure all the factors of quality, progress as well as price for customers, IDT has built a scientific working process with specific steps.

7. IDT’s interior design and construction process

– Step 1: Receive and listen to customers’ requests

– Step 2: Conduct ground survey, actual measurement with customers

– Step 3: Prepare a preliminary 2D design plan, continue to advise customers

– Step 4: Build and approve the 3D design with the customer, finalize the design plan

– Step 5: Prepare detailed price estimate for customers

– Step 6: Sign contract, hand over design documents, move to construction stage

– Step 7: Conduct construction according to technical documents

– Step 8: Acceptance after construction with customers, liquidate the contract

With golden benefits, ensuring the interests of customers, not only in terms of product quality, construction progress, and affordable prices, we also have a long-term post-construction care policy, giving you peace of mind with all future worries. What are you waiting for. Quickly pick up the device and contact Wedo for free consultation on interior design and construction package.

Note: (*) Construction design and production and installation time may vary depending on the volume, time, space and actual construction conditions.

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