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The workshop accepts high-end low-priced custom furniture

The workshop accepts high-end low-priced custom furniture

You are in need of designing and constructing custom wooden furniture for your family, but you have not found a workshop to build the highest quality but cheap furniture in Ho Chi Minh City. IDT Furniture (IDTDECOR) specializes in interior design of beautiful and cheapest apartment furniture, design and close wooden furniture according to your requirements.

Ready-made wood furniture is not suitable for your office space.

In Ho Chi Minh City, there are many wood furniture stores selling office furniture such as office furniture, wooden wardrobe, church cabinet, wooden bed, bookshelf, TV cabinet, desk. , room partitions, wooden kitchen cabinets, file cabinets, shoe cabinets, wooden wine cabinets, .. with materials made of natural wood and industrial.

Design and construct custom work furniture for the company.

However, a drawback of ready-made wooden furniture is that it is not suitable for all families because the area used in the office is too small to fit TV cabinets or desks .. for offices If there is a large area, the ready-made furniture will be smaller and do not use up the room space.

So to use wooden furniture suitable for the area of ​​the room, you need to find a workshop to build the required furniture to match the area where you use the most.

Built-in wooden furniture does not make you satisfied.

Not every ready-made wood furniture workshop has a design that looks as good as you like, although the pre-made templates are created by professional designers, or there are many that you find beautiful on the internet. or on television and movies but not for sale at the wood furniture store near where you live, what should I do?

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According to IDT Decor’s experience, when you have an idea of a wooden furniture you want to make or find an interior image that you love, save it, and sketch it out to request the furniture workshop to accept the design and test. wooden furniture according to your request.

IDT Furniture receives cheap wooden furniture on request in Ho Chi Minh City

IDT Furniture design unit constructs wooden furniture on demand at low price in HCM for apartment and newly built apartment in HCM such as wooden kitchen cabinets, TV cabinets, wardrobes, living room partitions, furniture wooden living room furniture, bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture according to your request such as shoe cabinet, wooden wine cabinet, document filing cabinet, cheap staircase in hcm.

 The workshop process for designing and building customized furniture is as follows:

Design Department of IDT Furniture Company receives customer information about the needs of construction items

  • Advise customers on materials and construction costs according to materials
  • Design ideas according to customer requirements
  • Customers agree to the design and price of the product
  • We conduct construction according to the design
  • Completion and handover.


Custom-built wooden furniture brings many benefits to customers.

– When following requirements, customers are autonomous about the desired design.

– Close wooden furniture to the right size for each family’s space.

– It is possible to choose industrial wood and natural wood materials according to the needs of each person.

– Product price can be proactive. Depending on your financial ability, you can choose an appropriate high or low price wood material.

– Product toxic – strange – not in contact.

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