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You are planning to make Office furniture, Bank furniture, Villa furniture, apartment furniture, townhouse, Showroom, spa, … Interior design is the most important job before taking the exam. project to be put to use for the right purpose. A job requires the creation of ideas that combine well between art – science and spirituality. Architectural works are like humans, the exterior is considered the “body” and the interior part is considered the “soul”. Therefore, a good designer needs the understanding to harmoniously combine light – color – architecture and the presentation of indoor objects to create a suitable living and working space. demand of customers. In this article we will provide you with gold benefits when choosing IDT interior design Studio.

1. What is interior design? Process design content that you should know

In the constant development of modern society, interior design services have also become popular and grown constantly, the need to own a high aesthetic interior space is getting more and more attention of the commune. festival. Beautiful interior design not only brings a convenient and comfortable living space to the homeowner, but also brings pride to the owner when welcoming guests to visit. Designing and creating an interior space like an artist creates a unique work of art, each beautiful and delicate interior design is likened to a vivid painting with the perfect combination. between art and science. In addition, an interior project must also ensure elements such as the classic or modern design style, the right feng shui, the owner’s age, the right needs and the right use of the owner. .

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Interior Design Process

Step 1: Receive information

– Receiving demand, providing information from customers

– Preliminary consultation for customers

Step 2: Site survey, sign design consultancy contract

– Survey the current status of the project

– Conduct measurement and calculation of design items

– Design consulting contract

Step 3: Edit and finalize the 2D plan

Step 4: Design a complete 3D drawing

– Design 3D drawings for customers to visualize reality

– Take the client to approve the design

Step 5: Prepare a cost estimate

– Prepare detailed cost estimates for each construction design item

– Quotation for customer

Step 6: Hand over construction design documents

– Handing over design documents to customers with the following items:

  • Layout of work interior layout
  • Floor plan
  • Ceiling plan, ceiling decoration
  • Deployment facades, designating colors, facade materials, wall
  • decoration
  • Furniture drawings and structural details
  • Designation of materials and product use

3D perspective interior important views of the building With a professional and meticulous working process along with solid professional knowledge, IDT hopes to help many customers complete their living space according to their preferences.

2. The main stages before constructing the interior of the investor need to be completed

Interior construction is the stage that is carried out after completing basic construction such as ceilings, walls, floors, electricity, water, network items … To be able to carry out interior construction, before that Investors had to prepare and complete the following basic items:

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Construction of MB bank

4. IDT’s interior design service items

Currently, IDT is providing the market with interior construction service packages according to the needs and characteristics of each project.

According to the needs of each customer we have packages:

+ Construction of interior package

+ Construction, interior renovation for each small item as required

+ Construction According to the existing design.

According to the project’s nature of the investor, we provide the service package::

+ Bank interior design

+ Office interior design

+ Interior design of the apartment building

+ Casino interior design

+ Interior design of the apartment

+ Interior design of the villa

+ Hotel interior design

+ Interior design of the restaurant

+ Interior design of the house

+ Interior design of the living room

+ Construction of bedroom furniture

+ Interior design of the kitchen

+ Showroom interior design

+ Spa interior design

+ Interior design of karaoke rooms

Casino interior design

Casino interior design

5. Benefits of customers when coming to IDT interior design and construction services

Firstly: A team of professional architects and engineers

Second: Big vision, quick to update new interior design trends

Third: Workshop for producing modern furniture, imported from Europe, with high technology.

Fourth: Commitment to construction schedule, quality assurance.

Fifth: Long-term warranty, permanent maintenance

IDT furniture factory

IDT furniture factory

6. 5 committed benefits are only available at IDT when you choose our interior design services

  1. IDT Free consultation, survey, for customers when choosing interior design services
  2. Free design when customers choose IDT’s package design services
  3. Ensuring fast construction progress, from design to construction and installation only takes 15-30 days (*).
  4. Ensure the construction of the right materials, the right design, and the investment budget of the customer.
  5. Prices for design and construction services are committed to be cheaper than the market due to direct production and processing.

When you have difficulty in planning your own interior design, as well as cost estimate for materials and labor, please call 028. 38 8942638, our IDT guarantees customers:

+ Only 2-5 days have 3D plan design

+ It only takes 7-15 days for both production and installation (*).

+ Cost saving for quality products

+ Contract costs include consultancy, design and installation costs

+ Free shipping costs, customers do not have to pay any extra cost.

To ensure all the factors of quality, progress as well as price for customers, IDT has built a scientific working process with specific steps.

7. IDT’s interior design and construction process

– Step 1: Receive and listen to customers’ requests

– Step 2: Conduct ground survey, actual measurement with customers

– Step 3: Prepare a preliminary 2D design plan, continue to advise customers

– Step 4: Build and approve the 3D design with the customer, finalize the design plan

– Step 5: Prepare detailed price estimate for customers

– Step 6: Sign contract, hand over design documents, move to construction stage

– Step 7: Conduct construction according to technical documents

– Step 8: Acceptance after construction with customers, liquidate the contract

With golden benefits, ensuring the interests of customers, not only in terms of product quality, construction progress, and affordable prices, we also have a long-term post-construction care policy, giving you peace of mind with all future worries. What are you waiting for. Quickly pick up the device and contact Wedo for free consultation on interior design and construction package.

Note: (*) Construction design and production and installation time may vary depending on the volume, time, space and actual construction conditions.

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