Payment regulations

IDT Design & Interior Design Company commits that the following regulations and policies are completely valid and guaranteed by the Company.

1. Accept payment.

Online payment

  • Payment via VNPAY (ATM / Visa / Master Card / JCB / QR Pay on Mobile Banking)
  • Pay after recieve
  • Transfer payments

Payment offline

  • Payment at transaction points
  • Pay with a card reader at home

2. Payment for the order.

  • For wooden furniture products, please pay 50% of the value of the goods in advance when placing your order at the transaction counter. The rest customers pay by card or cash upon receipt and receipt of purchase.
  • For decorative accessories, please pay 100% of the value of the goods at the transaction counter or transfer payment (see payment support below). just started packing and delivering products. Customers receiving products only have to pay for shipping to a third party.

3. Transfer payment.

Bank transfer payments via the following systems:

  • MB bank: *******904009 North Saigon branch – Account holder: Thuy Ngoc Tuan

4. Return & cancellation fee.

  • For products delivered within Free area, when customers return or cancel their orders, please pay 2-way shipping fee to Shipping cost conversion values ​​are specified in the delivery & installation policy.
  • For products delivered outside area use 3rd party delivery service for your order. If you want to use’s delivery service for change / return or cancel your order. Delivery fee based on Viettel Post Office’s regulations will apply.

5. Retention of goods & late payment fee.

  • keeps customers free of charge within 15 days, provided that you pay 100% of the value of the goods in advance. After these 15 days, Go Home charges a 5% storage fee for each week of storage. If after 2 months, you still do not pick up the goods, will liquidate the product according to the agreement of 2 parties.
  • In case, after handing over the product with delivery confirmation within 5 days, please pay the full amount of unpaid money indicated on the invoice. Every day late, will be charged at the interest rate issued by the State Bank of 5.4% / month applied to all brands of