Shops, Showrooms are places to display products that attract customers and at the same time show the scale of the business. Investing in shops and interior design, Showroom is currently receiving great attention from many investors, because business owners themselves are also aware of the importance of display space to advertising strategy. promote the brand’s products and business. However, the question of how to design the showroom’s interior for beauty and convenience is not answered by everyone? If you do not know the design features of this item, you will encounter many difficulties in the process of realizing your design ideas.

Bitex company showroom

Bitex company showroom

Projects to design shops, showroom

1. What is Shops, Showroom?

Shops, Showroom is defined graphically according to its function as a large area, which is invested in a well-decorated and beautiful way for the purpose of displaying the company’s products, for the purpose of marketing and advertising.promote products to customers. And the ultimate goal of this display and marketing process is to help customers buy and know the brand of the business.

Showroom interior design is one of the decisive factors for the entire marketing strategy of the business, which explains why in recent times big brands have spared no money to spend a huge amount of money on improving their marketing strategy. create and refresh your showroom showroom

Have you ever wondered: Why a competitor’s showroom is always full of customers, while your showroom is dull, even though both sell the same product, even the selling price of your product is. lower than the competitio

Is it because the competitor has used a professional Showroom interior design and construction unit, suitable for feng shui with a more unique and attractive product display space.

The process of designing and constructing showroom furniture is a very important step to bring success to the business in the first impression of customers.

2. The purpose of Showroom interior design

– First: Show the brand face of the business. A business of scale and strategic vision will not forget to build a showroom design with its own style decoration space, helping to position the brand and impress potential customers.

– Second: is a space for displaying and marketing products, showing professionalism, one of the factors that has a great impact on the brand’s sales and sales.

– Third: Attract customers’ attention with brand spillover effects. A showroom with an eye-catching and outstanding design is sure to attract customers more attention than other showrooms. Investing in the image of the Showroom is the brand that is building its own image in the hearts of customers, making a strong impression and inspiring customers to find your brand.

3. How to design the interior of Showroom reasonably

In order to have a perfect and classy showroom interior design that shows the brand’s face, you should consult the advice of interior design experts, but the showroom interior design also has some The principles that you need to keep in mind before proceeding with the design are as follows:

First: Industry characteristics

To have an impressive design, it must firstly be suitable for the industry in which you are in business. An auto showroom cannot have the same design as a beauty cosmetic showroom.

7. IDT’s interior design and construction process

– Step 1: Receive and listen to customers’ requests

– Step 2: Conduct ground survey, actual measurement with customers

– Step 3: Prepare a preliminary 2D design plan, continue to advise customers

– Step 4: Build and approve the 3D design with the customer, finalize the design plan

– Step 5: Prepare detailed price estimate for customers

– Step 6: Sign contract, hand over design documents, move to construction stage

– Step 7: Conduct construction according to technical documents

– Step 8: Acceptance after construction with customers, liquidate the contract

With golden benefits, ensuring the interests of customers, not only in terms of product quality, construction progress, and affordable prices, we also have a long-term post-construction care policy, giving you peace of mind with all future worries. What are you waiting for. Quickly pick up the device and contact Wedo for free consultation on interior design and construction package.

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