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IDT Furniture Factory

IDT Furniture Factory in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, With an area of nearly 2000m2 and equipped with modern machinery imported from Europe to produce high quality products. Meet the strict requirements of the market

Xưởng sản xuất nội thất công ty IDT

” The workshop area for cutting and cutting products from industrial boards and natural boards. Let out finished interior decoration products The Italian SCM automatic edge gluing machine produces high quality products in the finishing of threaded edge. Automatic machine from cutting, gluing, edge finishing. Producing high quality products. ”

The vacuum cleaner handles the working environment of the factory for a clean environment, the air does not pollute the environment.

Multi-nose mortising machine. Use the hole for the product to drill. Seal the screws Paint area with dust-proof chamber painted with water film to help clean the environment, create quality products and create a more beautiful shade than the Completed product storage area. ”

Workshop to receive interior processing orders, Construction according to drawings, Furniture production as required. Working as a subcontractor for interior construction for partners

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