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Interior design Watch shop, product display showroom

Interior design Watch shop, product display shop, high-end, suitable for companies, latest model design 2010-2021, cheapest design compared to similar products, fast and prestigious design credit. Interior design Watch shop, shop displaying luxurious and beautiful products over time. Interior design Watch shop, product display shop is a necessary need for companies to prepare their business place, it shapes the space for you to see before deciding to complete it. IDT company provides interior design packages for watch shops, different product display shops depending on the area and style and requirements of the design. The most reasonable price

Design unit price based on square meter floor Watch shop, product display shop: 350,000 VND/m2 for an area of ​​200m2 or more

Products designed for package 01 include: 1-3D perspective of the rooms 2-Detailed architectural drawings, interior details 3-Detailed design drawings of electricity and water diagrams 4-Detailed drawing of ceiling and background 5-Choose construction materials 6-Construction estimate

IDT Decor Company is having a design discount program if the company does a full package.