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 Demand for villa design and interior construction is increasingly popular and blooming in modern society. Families with good conditions often want to build luxurious, superficial villas to show style and class. With many years of experience in designing villas and other civil works, IDThietke shares with you the hottest and most popular designs today.

 Why need villa design advice before building a house ?

Villa design is one of the creative intellectual products through which people use to build human civilization, creative ideas in architecture in general and architectural design in particular to create and paint. beauty for life contributes to honor the prosperity and sublimation of social civilization in each historical period.

So what is the value of villa design ?

The current situation, many civil housing projects still do not have a clear design file, because many people still do not understand the value of architectural design, interior … in a project.

Villa architectural design is work done from project investment. The design process usually starts from concept design and ends with detailed design or construction design document and all of this process is to come up with design solutions for construction purposes. construction.
TBefore you meet IDT Design Company to meet architects to discuss the design and construction of your house, or office, business project, you need to clarify the basic needs of the function. demand for use, family needs for a new home such as: number of rooms, room size and location, style and interior decoration items to be used, reserve space, worship room, common room , working room, garage, garden, drying yard,….
You should be aware of future changes, such as weddings and family additions, etc. and should consult with all family members before finalizing plans.
Prioritize all the information mentioned above. Once you have all the information above, it’s time to start working with the architect.
•Describe in detail the needs of you and your family.

• Present to the architect about your aesthetic ideas and your family if any.

• Clearly state any concerns or questions you have regarding it.
If you have any hobbies or taboos related to the house (feng shui issues such as: the direction of the house, the direction of the earth, the layout of the kitchen, bedroom, worship room, etc.) you should also discuss with Architect in this step. After presenting your opinion, you should listen to the advice of the architect IDT if the request does not match the requirements of art and safety. You should learn through constructive terms and limit intervention in the court. professional management when the architect IDT makes a plan.

 Design of a 3-storey neoclassical villa, mansard tile roof

In the design of this neoclassical villa, the architect creates a highlight for the exterior space with the elegant and noble Mansard tile roof system. The roof is designed like a large black stone facing the house, creating a superficial and massive beauty. The attic is decorated with small, sophisticated arch windows.

Thiết kế biệt thự tân cổ điển 3 tầng

The villa does not divide the layout clearly, but is shaped by pillars, pieces, thread, lines … The horizontal pillars are meticulously shaped and elaborate to bring their own attraction and charm. . Notably, the gate system and the fence are extremely delicate. Artistic iron gates with delicate and soft curving motifs create impressive beauty for the exterior space. The fence wall is an intersection of artistic iron and the moderate height brick wall.

The house’s architecture uses quite a few pillars and handrails to create a superficial and solid beauty for the project. The glass doors are shaped in a variety of shapes, when they are bent, and others are rectangular, in other places, forming a long glass length up to the 2nd floor to create a unique. With this 3-storey villa design, the homeowner is always proud of the classy and admirable living space.

 Modern 3-storey villa design

This modern 3-storey villa space is an ideal choice for homeowners who love the luxurious, fashionable beauty. The design follows the modern spirit, with simple cubic lines. The most noticeable light is the combination of harmonious, courteous colors. Brown color from wood for wall cladding, light yellow color and white painted wall create a peaceful and relaxing exterior.

Thiết kế biệt thự 3 tầng hiện đại

IDT Design is a professional villa design Studio

With a long history in architecture design and construction, we understand the concerns of our customers today. In villa design, we provide quality 3D drawings, in accordance with the tastes and style of the investor. At the same time, there is a detailed quotation, with the construction process package. With professional services and a team of seasoned architects, we will definitely bring a luxury villa to your family. Contact IDT Design immediately for better advice.

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