Design fee for architecture- Interior 2021 of the company IDT

A. Design unit price

STT Type of construction Design unit price (VNĐ/m2)
Architecture Interior Architecture & Interior
1 Apartment 200,000
2 Single-facade townhouse 200,000 200,000 270,000
3 Townhouse with two fronts 220,000 200,000 290,000
4 Villa 240,000 250,000 310,000
5 Penthouse – Duplex 270,000
6 Office – Showroom – Shop 250,000
7 Restaurant – Cafe 200,000 240,000 300,000
8 Garden 170,000
9 Hottel – Spa 200,000 250,000 300,000
10 Factory – industrial works 200,000 200,000 270,000
11 Other works Contact


  • The above unit price is applicable to the design works of medium complexity. The works require a more sophisticated and sophisticated level of detail, the unit price will change based on the requirements of the investor.
  • For works with large design area, the design fee will be based on the total construction value multiplied by 2-3%
  • For special types of works please contact IDTDesign for accurate and reasonable unit prices.
  • The above unit price only applies to works with an area larger than 100m2 For works with a total design area of less than 100m2, the two parties will discuss and agree on design costs.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at Hotline/Zalo

B. Profile composition

01 Exterior color perspective 02
02 Technical drawings 02
03 Architectural Design (plan drawings of floors, elevations, sections, architectural details) 02
04 Design of electrical and lighting systems. 02
05 Design of water supply, rainwater drainage and domestic water systems 02
06 Design of refrigeration systems. 02
07 Design of cable TV room system. 02
08 Telephone system design. 02
09 Design pccc system (if any) 02
10 Internet system design. 02
11 Structural design from foundation to roof 02
01 Perspective interior of each room (3D, color, light) 02
02 Detailed decorative profile (Construction drawing) 02
03 Detailed profile of tables and chairs, cabinets, shelves, … 02

C. Application form

  • Design file bound A3 or A4 size for construction (Depending on the project) – 2 sets.
  • The 3D perspective of the page layout by area.
  • 1 set of archival records + USB full set of design records.

    D. Matters of note

Design consultation and preliminary plan of layout layout for customers free of charge.
The above prices do not include value added tax (VAT).
In case the two parties sign an interior construction contract, the design fee will be special discount depending on the case (up to 50%-100% of the design fee).

E.Method of calculating area

  • The ground floor and the upper floors are 100% of the area.
  • Mezzanine floor, skylight, stairs calculated 100% of the area.
  • Roof area calculate 70% of the area.
  • Tile roof area is calculated 100% of the area.
  • The garden is 100% of the area (if any).